26. September 2016

“Explore your Senses”: Frey + Lau at the COTECA 2016

While this year’s late summer is scoring extra points by giving us a sunny bonus, we are already looking ahead to summer 2017: From 07 to 09 September, Frey + Lau presented the summer flavours for next year at the 4th COTECA Global Industry Expo in Hamburg, Europe's most important trade fair for coffee, tea and cocoa. Around 200 exhibitors from 30 nations presented their products and innovations at the Congress Center, accompanied by an extensive programme of workshops and presentations. Among other highlights this year, industry and business professionals had the opportunity to experience the fine art of roasting coffee first hand in the outdoor coffee roasting arena, attend professional coffee cuppings, and watch a traditional Japanese tea ceremony.

As in past years, this year also offered us the ideal conditions to establish and deepen personal business relationships with suppliers and customers while following the latest market developments as well. Frey + Lau was present with a modern, approachable booth with a fresh design that encouraged interactive exchange. Our trade fair appearance especially focused on the summer flavours for 2017 and featured an inviting scent station where a sophisticated air device let trade visitors literally smell the performance of the flavours directly in the cup, without any liquid. In addition, our visitors had the opportunity to taste current trends and highlights in various types of media. Right in line with the trending topic of coffee, the flavoured coffee capsules were particularly well-received.

The conclusion after three successful and inspiring days at the expo: Our participation at COTECA 2016 was a complete success. Existing relationships were strengthened, and we were also able to make a number of exciting and promising new contacts, which we will be cultivating and advancing in the coming months. “Our flavours attracted a great deal of interest and highlighted our innovative expertise. The theme of coffee has emerged as a strong trend in the lifestyle segment and will therefore play an even more important role in our projects both now and in the future.”
16. June 2016

The world as guest in Henstedt-Ulzburg

When Frey + Lau extends an invitation, it’s international: Our Agents Meeting took place once again in June 2016. Every three years, our representatives from the various regions of the world join us here for a three-day forum, to get up to date on the latest information and share knowledge and experiences with colleagues. What began as a family business in Northern Germany more than 175 years ago has long since evolved into a successful global company – and our guest list is living proof of that: Europe was represented by Sweden, England, the Czech Republic and other countries, but the 85 participants also travelled from Brazil, Mexico, India, Sri Lanka as well as Nigeria and Vietnam.

The forum is a harmonious, informative get-together with an extensive program organized by the German colleagues. The event featured presentations on key industry topics and issues: In addition to technology, quality assurance, management and regulatory affairs; there were also presentations on current market topics and trends in the flavours and fragrances segments. However, there was more than just listening going on, tastings and samples let participants try out the flavour trends directly in the applications. In addition, agents from abroad brought in country-specific products: From tea and sweets up to cosmetics, there was a colorful variety to behold. And what do these many different “host gifts” from all corners of the world have in common? They all contain essential oils, fragrances, aromas and flavourings from Frey + Lau.


02. June 2016

Vocational Training Award: High praise for this Zero

Can zero be a reason to celebrate? Absolutely! On 02 June 2016, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Explore your Senses

Essential Oils

Real natural talents

We source essential oils from all over the world. The excellent reputation of our essential oils is founded on global sourcing of the best qualities, vast products and market expertise. Frey + Lau has over 175 years of experience in processing these raw materials. As a leading manufacturer, we refine the essential oils using our unique distillation plant. The result is consistent quality at the highest level, ideally suited for pharmaceuticals, oral care and wellness products, or as flavor and fragrance components.


Sensational taste

Whether fruity, sweet or chocolaty, powdered, granulated, liquid or encapsulated – developing great flavors is our specialty. Our flavorists meet and shape the desires of our user with their innovative and imaginative creations. In order to be successful, we monitor markets and current trends around the world. Flavors emerging from our state-of-the-art Flavor Design Center put an individual character on all products, giving them a unique note. We regularly create tempting taste experiences, particularly for the food, tea, beverage and oral care industries.


Inventive inspirations

The distinct fragrance compositions from Frey + Lau evoke emotions, experiences and memories. Many of them contribute to a feeling of happiness, while others calm or relieve the senses. Our perfumers transfer ideas into successful products. They have mastered the art of creating tempting compositions which provide fragrant accents in the personal care, home care and technical perfumery segments. Based on the perfect interaction of creativity, knowledge and technology, we develop unique and tailor-made fragrance concepts for our customers that are precisely customized to consumer preferences in national and international target markets.

Aroma Chemicals

Quality in stock

The selection of qualified and reliable supply sources worldwide is based on efficient supply chain management, regular audits, manufacturer visits and comprehensive in-house quality control of all supplied raw materials. These components are the foundation of our raw materials business. Our extensive inventory stock ensures that we can immediately supply our partners with the best possible qualities. We are experts in the development of flavours and fragrances, and we understand the special requirements placed on fragrance and flavouring substances.


Our customer service is focused on quality. It is an expression of the highest quality standards which we instill throughout our entire company. From sourcing and product development through to delivery and beyond – quality is of vital importance. In addition to state-of-the-art production and equipment, a certified quality management system also plays an important role in this respect. We continuously work to further develop our stringent quality and environmental standards, to ensure that we consistently meet the individual quality requirements of our customers daily, and in an environmentally responsible manner.


Frey + Lau is a leading mid-sized manufacturer of essential oils, flavors and fragrances. At our location north of Hamburg, more than 170 employees develop and produce our high-quality products. With targeted investments, we have been extremely successful at expanding the business with flavors and fragrances. Today, we supply customers around the world in the beverage, food, animal feed, cosmetic, fabric care, home care and pharmaceutical industries.


Frey + Lau is known around the world for its future-oriented, innovative product development and production of essential oils, flavors and fragrances. As an independent, family-owned company, we pursue high standards in the areas of development, research, service and quality. Streamlined structures ensure that our employees are closely integrated into our economic principle of responsibility. With this approach, we design and shape the future each day together, with creativity and flexibility. We welcome your interest in joining our team and would like to introduce ourselves as an employer on the following pages.

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